The Illinois MBA curriculum is designed to prepare our graduates for the competitive global workplace. It is a unique blend of classroom discussion and case studies as well as real-world projects and simulations.

Lockstep approach

The Illinois Professional MBA is a lockstep program with eighteen, four-credit courses for a total of 72 credit hours. Modules (semesters) range from five to ten weeks long and students will be registered for their core curriculum courses.

Team based learning

The cohort class structure will allow members of each class to begin the program at the same time and advance through the curriculum together. Study teams are created to draw upon the diverse academic and professional backgrounds of the class.

General management focus

The curriculum has a general management focus, and it is structured so that students learn a substantial amount of material in a challenging, yet manageable time frame.

Example Schedule

Spring 2018

 Leadership & Teams
 Marketing Management

Summer 2018

 Accounting Measurement, Reporting & Control
 Specialization Elective*
 Specialization Elective*

Fall 2018

 Process Management

Spring 2019

Decision Analytics
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Insights Using Survey Research

Summer 2019

 Action Learning Project
 Managerial Accounting
 Specialization Elective*

Fall 2019

 Financial Management
 Managing Organizations

Each course is worth four hours adding up to 72 hours to complete the degree. 56 of the hours come from MBA core classes and 16 come from electives.

* Electives: Select from a large number of graduate-level courses offered on campus and through the online MBA program. Online course specializations require 3 courses specific to one of the following topics: Innovation, Digital Marketing, and Global Challenges in Business.

Experiential Learning

The Illinois MBA provides students with multitudes of opportunities to apply their knowledge from the classroom to real-world situations. Students who engage in experiential learning opportunities have a competitive advantage by developing and applying current business skills, and therefore, increasing their employability. We realize that as working professionals and part-time students, your availability is limited. However, we strongly encourage all Professional MBA students to engage in at least one experiential learning opportunity listed below.

Students in the Illinois MBA program are strongly encouraged to exercise hands-on leadership skills. We offer several student organizations based around relevant professional interests to give you the opportunity to develop these skills.
As a student, you’ll gain experience in entrepreneurship through a number of possible opportunities:

Put your skills to work by solving real business problems for real businesses. Illinois Business Consulting is a student organization that provides consulting services to external clients, including Fortune 500 companies, startups, and nonprofits. You participate by helping to deliver solutions for these companies, and get hands-on experience in managing a consulting firm by serving on the IBC’s Student Leadership Team.

For more information, visit the Illinois Business Consulting website.

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